Sunday, 13 October 2013

I Don't Make Cards, I Don't....... OK, So I Knitted a Card!

We all love to receive a special card and I am very fortunate to have a sister who makes me the most wonderful cards -  most of which I frame to keep on permanent display.

Through my sister's talent I have recently become a member of the OSAAT Team and now every day I have the excitement of enjoying a 'bagful' of special cards. I cannot begin to tell you how much pleasure I have in seeing all the amazing talent displayed by the OSAAT Design Team and all our Challenge Entrants and the joy it brings me to be able to post a little comment on all the blogs. I think you card crafters are quite simply awesome and so generous is sharing your creations.

I wanted to show my appreciation to you all in some way and eventually decided to make a card using my favourite craft - Knitting. I received permission from Coosty Creations to use her  'Retro Flower' digital stamp pack and convert it from the original format to one I could use for my creation.

My first challenge was to convert the digital image to a knitting pattern in my knitting programe (my equivalent of photo editing programs). That done I knitted the image as an intarsia panel - that was the easy bit. Once finished it looked OK but not very 'card like' so I donned my thinking cap and considered some of the skills card crafters employ - ahhh, decoupage adds lovely depth and yes, with some trial and error I eventually 'decoupaged' the flower by knitting an outer circle and then two flowers which I layered together.

I knew I wanted to add some 'sparkle' so beaded the central vein of each leaf, gave the flower an orange gem centre and sewed three purple and pink gems to the top left and right bottom corners. A few mini hot gem crystals were attached just to 'lift the yarn' as it catches the light from different angles.

                                                               Front of My Card
Using 'Retro Flower Digital Stamp and Paper Pack' by Coosty Creations and available from the StitchyBear Digital Outlet. Please note, special permission was given by Coosty Creations to alter and use the image in this way.

Having made my front panel a measure of procrastination did set in because I think it is so beautiful to have the inside of the card decorated with as much care as the front..... Mmmm, that did need some paper crafting .... tomorrow's job. And we all know that tomorrow never comes. I have stashes of yarn, beads, and fabric craft notions which would compare favourably with many of your craft room supplies, but I don't have the tools for paper crafting - and I'm known for not being able to place one piece of paper straight on top of another despite the most careful and laborious measuring. I did eventually have my lightbulb moment and realized that actually the beautiful digital paper in the pack would probably distract from my 'cack-handedness' and took the plunge. I'll leave you to judge any little measure of success for yourselves.

                                                                     and the inside!!

I hope this card brings you a little bit of the pleasure I receive from enjoying all your skills. Thank you.. Oh, and who better to give it to than a lady who has decorated my walls with her most thoughtful works of art.  It's ready for the post after I've checked whether any crafting supplies could be sent with it.

Wishing you a very creative day.

Ingrid xxx

I am entering my card into the following challenges:-
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 Jo's Scrap Shack

Friday, 6 September 2013

Thank You for an Extra Special Kindness

There are some extremely kind people on this planet and I am so grateful to one of my sister's friends (and husband) who put themselves to some effort to make it possible for Jane to receive the gifts shown in yesterday's post, in a timely manner.

Post between the UK and Saudi Arabia takes absolutely ages but as Carol and her husband were in the UK and Dave was returning to Saudi imminently they 'volunteered' to get my parcel to Jane. I quickly packaged everything up and Carol collected the parcel from the post office. She packed it in Dave's suitcase immediately and Jane received it in a matter of days. Subsequently I learnt that Dave does not usually travel with 'hold' baggage. So sorry Dave but thank you so much.

Such kindness needs to be recognized so I thought I'd knit Carol a scarf as a little Thank You. With a little help from Jane regarding colours (because Carol and I have not met) we came up with red and black.

I decided to make a reversable scarf from Can Can Disco fashion yarn which was fun to knit... red with a hint of black one side and colours reversed on the other.

Now I'm no photographer and Edward would insit on 'helping me' but hopefully I've captured enough to give an idea of this thank you gift. xx

Thursday, 5 September 2013

My Recent Knitting Projects

I'll start this post with the admission that I have a gigantic lump in my throat as the very professional photographs were taken by my sister and have come as a Big suprise to me.

My creative passion is knitting and I love knitting for my family and friends. I do have to say though, that I get super pleasure in knitting for my sister. I think part of the reason for this is that she has such a good eye for detail and will say something like "I like this but could you just ...."

When I last saw Jane I had bought yarn to knit up for her but decided to have her choose what she would like. I'm so pleased I did that because the fichu she chose was a big suprise and I wasn't thinking of pearls on a white cardigan.

I had so much fun knitting these gifts for Jane .... She's my best friend as well as my favourite (only) sister and I was able to put a mountain of love into each stitch for her to keep with her when living so far away.

Thank you for the photographs treasure and for making this blog look so lovely.

Monday, 26 August 2013

The Beginning

Well this blog has come about because my little sister finally convinced me that it would be a good idea. I know I enjoy her blog very much but I don't really know just what I am going to post. never mind, a flashbulb moment will hit at some moment so just be patient. xxxx