Thursday, 5 September 2013

My Recent Knitting Projects

I'll start this post with the admission that I have a gigantic lump in my throat as the very professional photographs were taken by my sister and have come as a Big suprise to me.

My creative passion is knitting and I love knitting for my family and friends. I do have to say though, that I get super pleasure in knitting for my sister. I think part of the reason for this is that she has such a good eye for detail and will say something like "I like this but could you just ...."

When I last saw Jane I had bought yarn to knit up for her but decided to have her choose what she would like. I'm so pleased I did that because the fichu she chose was a big suprise and I wasn't thinking of pearls on a white cardigan.

I had so much fun knitting these gifts for Jane .... She's my best friend as well as my favourite (only) sister and I was able to put a mountain of love into each stitch for her to keep with her when living so far away.

Thank you for the photographs treasure and for making this blog look so lovely.


  1. Thank you so so much for my beautiful knitted items Ingrid, I am so stunned at how beautiful they are, everything from the colour, the lacy patterns to the luxuious wools you have used. I feel like so glamorous when trying everything on. Now I can't wait for winter in Saudi to start wearing everything. Your knitting is exquisite, so totally professional and just beyond words Big hugs, big thank you and super big amounts of love :) Jane xxxxx

  2. Having just read your blog I too have a lump in my throat - you are so welcome and I love you so much too. Yep, having treasured items created with love mean so much when miles and miles are inbetween - it is true, when you look at the item, touch the item you can feel something of the person who created it. Now I eagerly await your next post xxxxx

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous and no wonder your sister loves them. I used to love knitting and crochet but I have an eye problem that made me give up. I have a hospital appointment coming up so you never know, I might be adding some knitted/crocheted items to my crafting again. Hazel x

  4. WOW !!!!! Ingrid these are spectacular ..... What a true talent you have.. I must admit I cannot knit very well at all. I can manage some kind of square with a few choice placed holes LOL

    Big hugs
    Choccy xxx

  5. Ingrid, you are one talented lady! All I can say is WOW! These are spectacular - it is no surprise your sister loves your knitted gifts!

  6. gosh you are a great knitter !!! those cardigans are amazing, i'm sure you're sister's immensely proud to wear what you knit!!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous works of art! I scrolled and admired each and every one over and over and over again. Such love for sure :)
    hugs, Rita

  8. OMGosh Ingrid - I am stunned! I had no idea people could actually knit such fine, delicate things like these! I am amazed at your talent. I especially like the first one that is like a shawl or collar. Gorgeous - just gorgeous!