Sunday, 13 October 2013

I Don't Make Cards, I Don't....... OK, So I Knitted a Card!

We all love to receive a special card and I am very fortunate to have a sister who makes me the most wonderful cards -  most of which I frame to keep on permanent display.

Through my sister's talent I have recently become a member of the OSAAT Team and now every day I have the excitement of enjoying a 'bagful' of special cards. I cannot begin to tell you how much pleasure I have in seeing all the amazing talent displayed by the OSAAT Design Team and all our Challenge Entrants and the joy it brings me to be able to post a little comment on all the blogs. I think you card crafters are quite simply awesome and so generous is sharing your creations.

I wanted to show my appreciation to you all in some way and eventually decided to make a card using my favourite craft - Knitting. I received permission from Coosty Creations to use her  'Retro Flower' digital stamp pack and convert it from the original format to one I could use for my creation.

My first challenge was to convert the digital image to a knitting pattern in my knitting programe (my equivalent of photo editing programs). That done I knitted the image as an intarsia panel - that was the easy bit. Once finished it looked OK but not very 'card like' so I donned my thinking cap and considered some of the skills card crafters employ - ahhh, decoupage adds lovely depth and yes, with some trial and error I eventually 'decoupaged' the flower by knitting an outer circle and then two flowers which I layered together.

I knew I wanted to add some 'sparkle' so beaded the central vein of each leaf, gave the flower an orange gem centre and sewed three purple and pink gems to the top left and right bottom corners. A few mini hot gem crystals were attached just to 'lift the yarn' as it catches the light from different angles.

                                                               Front of My Card
Using 'Retro Flower Digital Stamp and Paper Pack' by Coosty Creations and available from the StitchyBear Digital Outlet. Please note, special permission was given by Coosty Creations to alter and use the image in this way.

Having made my front panel a measure of procrastination did set in because I think it is so beautiful to have the inside of the card decorated with as much care as the front..... Mmmm, that did need some paper crafting .... tomorrow's job. And we all know that tomorrow never comes. I have stashes of yarn, beads, and fabric craft notions which would compare favourably with many of your craft room supplies, but I don't have the tools for paper crafting - and I'm known for not being able to place one piece of paper straight on top of another despite the most careful and laborious measuring. I did eventually have my lightbulb moment and realized that actually the beautiful digital paper in the pack would probably distract from my 'cack-handedness' and took the plunge. I'll leave you to judge any little measure of success for yourselves.

                                                                     and the inside!!

I hope this card brings you a little bit of the pleasure I receive from enjoying all your skills. Thank you.. Oh, and who better to give it to than a lady who has decorated my walls with her most thoughtful works of art.  It's ready for the post after I've checked whether any crafting supplies could be sent with it.

Wishing you a very creative day.

Ingrid xxx

I am entering my card into the following challenges:-
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 Jo's Scrap Shack


  1. Now it is my turn to comment on your fabulous card :) I can't believe how well this turned out, from being a bit of fun to brilliant creation :) Just love how you have matched up all the colours to the paper and oooooo the addition of the gems is the prefect finishing touch for that bit of bling and sparkle. There are no words for the beautiful verse you have added, brings a great big lump to my throat . Now to wait for the postman to deliver, what an exciting day it will be and I can't wait to add this card to the other one in my collection. At this rate we will be part of the mutual appreciation society full time!!!!!! Super big CONGRATULATIONS from your little sister. Lots of love and hugs xxxxxx

  2. It's beautiful, Ingrid. I would never have thought of knitting a card but it's a brilliant idea. Yes, the verse is very touching and will be much appreciated I'm sure. Hazel x

  3. This is just amazing Ingrid! So creative and beautiful! I wouldn't mind finding one in my mailbox one day! You are so talented!

  4. Wonderfully done knitting card, awesome idea Ingrid! Must of taken a bit to figure out all the stitches as well as using some small needles, Love the sentiment you added for your sister.
    Thanks for your wonderful comment on my card as well!
    ¸..• ´¨¨)) -:¦:-¸.•´ .•´¨¨))*((¸¸.•´ ..•´
    Shell in Alaska

  5. What a fantastic card Ingrid... I must say I am not such a stunner with the words as you are.. You find such beautiful things to write on peoples creations.. You not only have a talent to knit you have a beautiful lovely talent to make people smile and brighten their day..
    Carry on the great work Ingrid, you sure are the best right hand anyone could have :O)

    Great big hugs
    Choccy xxxx

  6. Hi Ingrid - this is absolutely gorgeous! I just want to be able to feel the texture though!!! This would have taken me such a long time to do as well, what a talented lady you are. I have never seen anything like this.

    Hugs to you Sue Pxxx

  7. This is super, what a great card to share with us at Divas, Jx

  8. Ingrid, this is amazing! I have never seen anything like it before, but such an original idea! Victoria x

  9. Wow! Now THAT is a lot of stitching! Great job! Thanks so much for playing along with us over at CAS-ual Fridays!

  10. Wow! What a fabulous creation! You are so very talented to be able to do all that just using a digital image. Great job.

  11. OM World!!!! You are so talented. this is even better then just a paper card. What a lovely surprise. You ROCK my Friend. It is absolutely gorgeous.
    Hugs Nat

  12. Ingrid this is fantastic!!!! I am glad you have been able to showcase your favourite technique - knitting. TFS and joining us at Jo's for Funday Friday

  13. I thought this was a felt card before I read your post, holy smokes, you actually knitted a card!! Out of all of the thousands (hundreds of thousands?!?) of cards I've seen, this is the first one that was knitted. Love that! Had no idea you could turn a digi image into a knitting pattern. So cool, and thanks so much for joining the CAS-ual Fridays Challenge!

  14. Thank you very much for the lovely comments on my blog......(the cat ones) lol....fiona x

  15. Oh my word!!! Ingrid, this is just amazing. I've never seen anything like it before. I am totally speechless. Well, I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog, if not I would have missed this beauty. And on the inside ... what a loving and heartfelt message for your sister. Thanks for sharing. I'm following you now... your work is truly unique!
    hugs, Asha - Sunny Summer Crafts

  16. What a interesting card, amazing!!
    Thanks for joining us at Hiding in my Craft Room
    Cheers Jennie DTM

  17. Ingrid, Ingrid, Ingrid! This is absolutely beautiful! What a talented crafter you are! And I so enjoyed reading how you went about making this stunning knitted card. It's such a unique idea to begin with - and the result is so beautiful.

    I actually came to your blog this morning to say THANK YOU for your thoughtful birthday wish - you have the honour to be the first person to wish me a happy birthday - so thank you so much for remembering - that means a lot to me! So when I saw that you created this amazing card, I was floored, as I remember you saying that you were a knitter and not a card maker - it is so wonderful that you could combine both crafts. I also like how you shared the colourful inside with that wonderful sentiment. You write so many amazing comments on my blog and bring others so much joy - you are amazing, Ingrid! Thank you for everything you do - I hope you have a wonderful day and a fabulous weekend - you deserve it!

  18. Hi Ingrid - posting here a comment a lady called Dorinda left on my blog :)
    I wanted to spin by to tell you what a delight it is to read the comments you leave for others. The time and thought spent on each individual project is heart warming. You are a gift. Bless you. by Dorinda.

  19. What a beautiful, talented lady you are INGRID. I love cardmaking, but am fairly new to it. Sometimes I enter a challenge just to hear back from other crafters (sad, I know... but No-one else GETS me!). The comments you write are truly uplifting, I'm SO glad I've got the opportunity to tell you. You have a wonderful gift of making other people feel special, and for that I thank you. Your knitted card is inspirational, such a lot of work has gone into the preparation and execution... and it looks AMAZING. I love the colours you chose and the beading work, yeah it's pretty special... like you xxx

  20. Hello, Ingrid, my friend. Just popping by to say thank you for the special comments you leave on my blog on behalf of OSAAT - they are so uplifting and always bring a smile to my face. You really have a gift to bring joy to others - and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate it. Wishing you happiness and joy always :-)

    P.S. You already know how much I love your knitted card, but it was so nice to look at it again today :-)

  21. Wow, this isfabulous. What a unique and creative creation. The beading looks amazing.

  22. i love this your so clever the creation is so different and love the colours, Teamie DT Pam xx

  23. I love your designs!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me such a nice message. I see there are lots of changes going on at OSSAT! Wish I would have known they were having a design team call!!! Would have loved to work with them. You have a very merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!

  24. Hello, my friend - I just had to pop by and wish you Happy Holidays! Thank you so much for all your sweet and thoughtful comments on my blog - you always make my day! You're the reason I enter the OSAAT challenges - I enjoy your comments so much and I know others do as well - you bring a lot of joy and happiness to everyone, and I am sending wishes for the same to you. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you good health, happiness, and many joys in 2014. All the best to you, Ingrid!

  25. Hello, my lovely friend, Ingrid. I just came from the Path of Positivity blog and saw that you won a prize for one of your comments. I thought that was so appropriate and wonderful because your comments are always so meaningful. Here's the link:

    Congratulations! Happy New Year to you and all the best in 2014!

  26. Hi Ingrid,
    I found your blog...Yeah. It's your teamie from OSAAT. I now a follower. :D
    Love your card, that paper is just amazing. So retro. :D
    Deborah, xxx

  27. Ingrid, I hope you get this message! I wanted to come by to thank you for the incredibly sweet comments you always leave me when I play along at OSAAT. When I see your name come up, I know my heart is about to be encouraged. The support you show me through my creations for I Feel the Love mean more to me than I can express. I've been working on a little Valentine's gift for Baylee and nothing was going right... I simplified, but still the struggles continued. Sometimes creativity is a battle, especially when I'm so wrapped up in these recipients and I just want to give them all of my heart. It doesn't always easily translate to paper. My point in sharing that is your comment on my seashell card brought joy and peace to my heart... and I relaxed.

    Your posts also serve to remind me to view my work through the eyes of the precious recipients who are struggling so mightily. They do not see mistakes or design errors.. they don't see something as too complex or too simplistic... they just see love. That's always my goal... I just sometimes get lost in the self-inflicted pressure of wanting to bless them as much as I can. You and the DT at OSAAT are so sweet, and it's such a joy to participate there, that I'm always disappointed when I post a card that doesn't fit the current theme. (Like tomorrow!) Always know how much you are appreciated. I am certain it's not just me that feels that way. You are a blessing and I am so thankful for your beautiful spirit.

    Hugs and blessings,
    Karen (from Kaleidoscopic Sparkles)

  28. My dear Ingrid, what more can I say but thank you from the bottom of my sparkly heart. Your heart is filled with the utmost beauty. I am blessed and honored to have you be a part of this mission of mine. And truly, my passion for paper crafting has turned into a mission. You know what I truly believe? That your love reaches the suffering people I create for... your heartfelt words breathe even more love into them before I box them up and ship them off to their new homes. I have met some incredible people in the crafty blogging world and you are one of them. Thank you for your encouragement.. thank you for understanding my heart (not all do).. and thank you for taking time to let these recipients into your lives. This world is a far brighter place with you in it! I wish you the most beautiful day, filled with the same joy and happiness you bring others! :o)

    And your knitting is gorgeous, by the way... what a stunning and unique card! I meant to say that yesterday. :o) You are so talented! Many hugs and blessings to you and all you love!

  29. Hello Ingrid...Oh my, this is so awesome! To make a wholly knitted card is just laborious in itself. So, kudos to you for sharing with all of us the a Project you are wonderful at. The inside was as good as the outside and they are full of bright colors. Makes people happy! Anyway, I also want to thank you for the detailed, wonderful and thoughtful comments you left in my Blog for the 3 projects I submitted with OSAAT. It takes time to go through entries (I know because I am so a DT to 2 Challenges) and you shared your time and effort without reservation. I so appreciate you and value all the feedback you shared about my creations. Have a blessed day and an enjoyable weekend.

    Hugs always,
    JO ANN

  30. Hi its rachel from knitting on the cards thanks for your message the knitting I did was on 2mm needles then when knitting finished transfer to cocktail sticks I had great fun doing them and she'll be doing more I love what you have done makes me want to have a go at something like that happy crafting to you

  31. Hi Ingrid! What a clever card you have made! I love it, and I like you I think is lots of fun to use our craft tools or techniques in different ways, not necessarily the ones they were thought to. Not long ago, before having my blog, I used a digital stamp for making an appliqué top for my little son. The stamps designer couldn believe it! Jejejeje. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Hugs, Aurora :)

  32. Absolutely awesome. Thanks for the nice comment. Vee xx